Initiatory nature

During these meditations, Jan offers us a unique approach, much broader, deep, and subtle than a simple meditation course. Jan goes into an expanded state of consciousness and opens up for a deep connection with each participant at the soul level and the depths of being.

The levels of subtlety Jan makes available are the result of extreme sensitivity from birth that includes the psycho-energetic, psycho-spiritual, shamanic, mystical, non-dual and more. It is supported by, among other things, a broad experience of meditation (15,000+ hours), active continuity in the path of awakening, and a large baggage in accompaniment (20,000+ of treatments and accompaniments).

With each participant, Jan welcomes a subtle connection and an initiatory link that goes beyond the lesson moments and the instructions offered during the lesson. After a class, Jan’s deep being, continues to work with each participant, completely within the limits respectful of the consent of their soul and their inner being, to catalyze their path of transformation towards an integral awakening.

Jan works constantly through his intensive personal practice, for the integrity, authenticity, calibration, and evolution of his channel.

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