A clan system

When a family is very close and develops clan-like relationships, this creates very intense loyalties and can generate very strict rules.

This situation can be very functional. Example: in a large family business, this great loyalty helps to produce together, with great solidarity and for the same purpose.
Or, if a family has to survive in very difficult conditions, this clan loyalty can give them the strength and give their bond the intensity necessary for this survival.
The intensity of this link can also be at the service of a value, an art or a craftsmanship tradition and then makes it possible to manifest things of exceptional quality in the world.

However, mobilizing all these resources, strengths and talents in the service of a clan project can also severely limit individual freedoms.
This is just an observation, not a value judgment; there are advantages and disadvantages in this situation as in any other.
Sometimes clan dynamics are useful for a few years (or dozens of years) or for certain areas of life or for a series of generations (as in a royal or political dynasty for example).
But the usefulness of the clan can also have an end.

When the clan dissolves, the intensity that fueled this dynamic also disappears. This can give the illusion that everything disappears from that bond. However, when the clan situation dissolves, the bonds of the natural family bond remain. These are perhaps more subtle in nature but can nevertheless be just as powerful and are in any case essential and indestructible.

This exemple came up while accompanying a person in a family clan situation. Her mother was at the end of her life. A path then opens up to let go of this clan intensity and to rediscover the family in another way.

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