Process group – February 16th 2017

This evening we launched the first IP Process group. At the time of arrival we took a moment for informal connecting. It was a matter of minutes to settle and to get comfortable.

We opened the meeting with an IP meditation. This prepared the mind with a relaxed and  enhanced focus for working in a safe space of enlarged consciousness. As soon as the group was coherently installed in tranquil lucid awareness, each member took a minute to identify one’s own purpose for the meeting. The intentions for growth and change were written down and brought into the stream of the creative process.

Well primed with transparent presence we gave ample attention to each group member who was ready to explore personal topics. I was particularly touched by the courage and the willingness to go deep. The natural respect in the group probably contributed to the safety people must have felt to look into private and sensitive matters. Emotions, resistance, belief systems, and struggles got welcomed with unconditional love. Liberating insights naturally raised. Restorative healing occurred. Empowering new perspectives opened up.

Needless to say I can only give a description of the process since the concrete content of the personal process rests securely sealed in the sacred discretion of the work.

Following the individual support segments we reserved some consideration for closing the process container that culminated in thanksgiving. During the warmhearted goodbyes we all expressed a keen anticipation for the next meeting.



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