Immersion February 15th 2017

We started the immersion today with basic mindfulness. Subsequently we moved into deeper Silence and observed a body scan from that Silence which induced a deeper embodied presence.

Following that we shifted into hara presence in the most effortless way. Shifting from doing to being by applying the art of effortless intention. This is a martial art skill that can also be applied in every day and professional life: the power of relaxed focus that gives rise to concise and well defined progression that is surprisingly mild in experience while producing superior outcome compared to forceful action.

This time we arrived in a particularly profound state of hara poise which opened the gate for relating from the hara. In these exquisite moments we simply fall into the innate connectedness that pervades all living minds. From this awareness we personify ingeniously the most significant contact with the other.  This relating is beyond communication skills while it enhances ordinary and professional social contact with harmony, meaning, depth and peace.

We concluded the immersion with the art of truly SEEING.

Jan Janssen

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