Immersion March 29th 2017

As before we started the immersion today with basic mindfulness: simply being aware of what is. The group expressed their ease with the first exercise and following this we jumped towards quite an advanced exercise: observing the observer. Although challenging, this exercise evoked a lot of valuable insights. Sincere sharing revealed how different and unique each person’s experience was from the same commonly shared exercise.

The depth of personal sharing I heard, kindled a fond gratitude in me for the trust that people were showing each other spontaneously. In this space of confidence we moved deeper into body awareness. The safety in the group allowed us to go further then a regular body scan. The gate was open for exercising body awareness through direct perception.

After this practice, again, honest personal sharing showed a strikingly intimate atmosphere for such a short interval of connecting.

We concluded this immersion session with a small introduction into energy awareness.

Jan Janssen

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