The 21 elements of IP

The practice of the Integral Presence is a path of growth. It is a process of inner change that, once established inside, will inevitably and automatically become reflected from the outside. It is a journey of discovery and expansion that aligns with the natural and inherent movement of evolution on all levels.

Integral Presence has 21 points of attention:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Alignment – intentionality
  3. Breath
  4. Physical integration
  5. Psychological integration
  6. The presence of others
  7. Gestalt or contextual constellation
  8. Interrelational dynamics (interactions between 2 people)
  9. Dynamics within constellations (group dynamics)
  10. Subtle bodies
  11. Energy exchanges amongst people and with nature
  12. Energy channels
  13. Chakras – energy centers
  14. Relational cords
  15. Content of energy transmission
  16. Chakra Pearls – Higher Self – Essence – Divine Spark – Core Being
  17. Guidance – opening the channel / living as a channel
  18. Pulsations of Life
  19. Creative living
  20. Co-creative living with others: creative communion cycles
  21. Co-creature: living communion with Source: incarnating the Supreme Being

The Categories

  1. Point 1-3: the foundations
  2. Point 4-7: the basic awareness (4, 5: personal, 6, 7: social)
  3. Point 8, 9: the intermediate awareness (8: personal, 9: social)
  4. Point 10-15: the extra-sensory awareness
  5. Point 16-21: the super-sensory awareness

The impact

The explicit practice of the foundations fuels already naturally the implicit development of all the other levels.

Practicing the elements 4 towards 16 is a progressive and secure path towards ascension. Awakening the 16th element is a realization of enlightenment, a realization of the true core being.

Once enlightened, life continues and requires a non-dualistic yet practical approach of being in Life. The elements 16 towards 21 provide this manual for enlightened living and the reverse direction of the elements 21 toward 4 represents the full spectrum incarnation of that enlightened living.

The foundations

By working on the first three elements of the integral presence (mindfulness, alignment and breath), we gradually gain access to more complex and subtle levels. These three aspects represent the basis of personal, interpersonal and transpersonal development. These are three essential starting points for strengthening our presence to ourselves, to others and in the universe.

The Basic Awareness

… is our ongoing growth in personal development. It includes physical integration (IP-4) and psychological integration (IP-5) – and social integration (IP-6) and contextual integration (IP-7).

The Intermediate Awareness

… brings our social development to another level of sensitivity. It opens our awareness to the psychological exchange in our personal relationships (8) and to the systemic awareness (9) of the social context we live in, both professionally and personally.

The Extra-sensory Awareness

… is the gradual expansion of our senses who gain access to the bio-energetic dimension of our personal and social life. The development of extra-sensory awareness provides for direct perception of our subtle bodies (10), our energy channels (12) and energy centers (13). With this sensitivity we straightly perceive what energy exchange (11) flows between individuals and the reality of our relational bonds (14) emerge as a tangible substance. As this sensitivity heightens the deepest transmission (15) that pass through these bonds become more transparent.

The Super-sensory Awareness

… is the point where our self identity deepens more and more towards the Core Being that we essentially are. When we reach the most profound nucleus (16) of our energy centers we get glimpses of the true and ultimate nature of who we are. The point of gravity of the motivation of our activities moves from superficial desires towards living as a channel (17) to express the true being that we are. We discover that the laws of nature and matter are embedded and transcended by the Pulsations of Life (18). This discovery empowers us to be deliberate creators of our life (19). The joy of engaging our free, inspired life force with others translates into creative communion cycles (20). To the extent we freely align our deliberate creative power with our Higher Self, we spontaneously live in optimal communion with all-that-is and become and integrated part of the Suprême Being (21). The unified individual is unified with humanity and is unified with the universe. Fostering natural contact with self, others and the world.

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