The 15 elements of IP

The practice of the Integral Presence is a path of growth. It is a process of inner change that, once established, will inevitably be reflected from the outside. It is a journey of discovery and expansion that supports the natural and inherent movement of evolution.

Integral Presence has 15 points of attention:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Alignment – intentionality
  3. Breath
  4. Postural integration
  5. Psychological integration
  6. The presence of others
  7. Gestalt or contextual constellation
  8. Interrelational dynamics (interactions between 2 people)
  9. Dynamics within constellations (group dynamics)
  10. Subtle bodies
  11. Energy exchanges between people
  12. Energy channels
  13. Chakras – energy centers
  14. Relational cords
  15. Content of energy transmission

The foundations

By working on the first three elements of the integral presence (mindfulness, alignment and breath), we gradually gain access to more complex and subtle levels. These three aspects represent the basis of personal, interpersonal and transpersonal development. These are three essential starting points for strengthening our presence to ourselves, to others and in the universe.