Mirando y viendo …

¿Qué ves cuando me miras?
¿Qué veo cuando te miro?
¿Qué veo cuando me miro?
¿Qué ves cuando te miras a ti mismo?

Cuando me miras, ¿ves un cuerpo, una expresión facial, un gesto, una mirada desde los ojos, un movimiento, una parte del cuerpo o ropa?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves a una persona, un personaje, una imagen, una personalidad, una figura o un perfil?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves un ser humano o una especie humana?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves un objeto o ves a alguien?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves a un individuo, un miembro de la familia, un colega, un miembro de un grupo, una parte de una comunidad, un miembro de un movimiento o un pariente de la humanidad?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves un rol, una responsabilidad, una posición, un estado, una función o una capacidad?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves a un individuo autónomo o una extensión de ti mismo?
Cuando me miras, ¿te comparas conmigo o ves tu propio reflejo en mí?
Cuando me miras, me das un significado…, en tu vida,… para tus necesidades…, para tus deseos…, para tus ambiciones…, en tu cosmovisión… ?
Cuando me miras, ¿estás buscando algo?
Cuando me miras, ¿pones algo en mí?
Cuando me miras, ¿me das un papel…, para ti, para los niños, para los miembros de la familia, para los amigos, para los demás, para la organización, para la empresa, para la comunidad o para el mundo?
Cuando me miras, ¿tienes una impresión o ninguna impresión en absoluto?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves plenitud o vacío, negocio o vacío?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves una historia en mí o haces una historia a mi alrededor o sobre mí?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves mi ego o mi ser, mi cuerpo o mi alma, mi personalidad o mi núcleo?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves quién soy?
Cuando me miras, ¿ves el “yo soy”?

Immersion April 12th 2017

It seems to become a recurring starting point: mindfulness. Even though this day we had a group with very mixed acquaintances to meditation, the flow brought us to longer exercices that may have stretched some comfort zones.

The first part of the practice was devoted to develop some discipline in the attention of the mind. Both experienced and beginning practitioners showed exquisite self observations following this exercice.

The second part of the session was dedicated to deepen body connectedness through an approach that is different from a mental body scan or a general body relaxation. This approach installs body affinity through direct perception and awareness.

Almost all participants expressed a shift in the experience of the passing of time. The session that took more then an hour in physical time was experienced as having passed in 20 or 30 minutes. This shift in time experience is a common phenomena when going into a state of meditative absorption.

Looking forward to the next, each time unique, immersion experience.


Immersion March 29th 2017

As before we started the immersion today with basic mindfulness: simply being aware of what is. The group expressed their ease with the first exercise and following this we jumped towards quite an advanced exercise: observing the observer. Although challenging, this exercise evoked a lot of valuable insights. Sincere sharing revealed how different and unique each person’s experience was from the same commonly shared exercise.

The depth of personal sharing I heard, kindled a fond gratitude in me for the trust that people were showing each other spontaneously. In this space of confidence we moved deeper into body awareness. The safety in the group allowed us to go further then a regular body scan. The gate was open for exercising body awareness through direct perception.

After this practice, again, honest personal sharing showed a strikingly intimate atmosphere for such a short interval of connecting.

We concluded this immersion session with a small introduction into energy awareness.

Jan Janssen

Process group – March 29th 2017

This second process event was building further on the energy we created during the first session. New participants were kindly and smoothly integrated by the returning participants of the first event.

I felt warmly touched by the respect and safety in the holding container that the group members were able to hold for one another. And it was rewarding for me to witness courageous personal explorations that crossed the transformational tunnel that evening. There was space for themes of

  • self-confrontation,
  • taking baby steps towards a big shift,
  • honoring resistances and moving beyond them,
  • family constellation,
  • self-reflection,
  • support for a life changing choice,
  • … and simply growing in awareness.

With gratitude to those who walk the path and to the hosts of the location.


Process group – February 16th 2017

This evening we launched the first IP Process group. At the time of arrival we took a moment for informal connecting. It was a matter of minutes to settle and to get comfortable.

We opened the meeting with an IP meditation. This prepared the mind with a relaxed and  enhanced focus for working in a safe space of enlarged consciousness. As soon as the group was coherently installed in tranquil lucid awareness, each member took a minute to identify one’s own purpose for the meeting. The intentions for growth and change were written down and brought into the stream of the creative process.

Well primed with transparent presence we gave ample attention to each group member who was ready to explore personal topics. I was particularly touched by the courage and the willingness to go deep. The natural respect in the group probably contributed to the safety people must have felt to look into private and sensitive matters. Emotions, resistance, belief systems, and struggles got welcomed with unconditional love. Liberating insights naturally raised. Restorative healing occurred. Empowering new perspectives opened up.

Needless to say I can only give a description of the process since the concrete content of the personal process rests securely sealed in the sacred discretion of the work.

Following the individual support segments we reserved some consideration for closing the process container that culminated in thanksgiving. During the warmhearted goodbyes we all expressed a keen anticipation for the next meeting.



Immersion February 15th 2017

We started the immersion today with basic mindfulness. Subsequently we moved into deeper Silence and observed a body scan from that Silence which induced a deeper embodied presence.

Following that we shifted into hara presence in the most effortless way. Shifting from doing to being by applying the art of effortless intention. This is a martial art skill that can also be applied in every day and professional life: the power of relaxed focus that gives rise to concise and well defined progression that is surprisingly mild in experience while producing superior outcome compared to forceful action.

This time we arrived in a particularly profound state of hara poise which opened the gate for relating from the hara. In these exquisite moments we simply fall into the innate connectedness that pervades all living minds. From this awareness we personify ingeniously the most significant contact with the other.  This relating is beyond communication skills while it enhances ordinary and professional social contact with harmony, meaning, depth and peace.

We concluded the immersion with the art of truly SEEING.

Jan Janssen

The human tapestry

Observing the huge amount of human individuals currently incarnated on the planet
(7.5 billion in 2017) and the immense variety of expressions of the human experience, I like to compare humanity with a tapestry.

In this metaphor the human individual is equated with one fiber in that immense tapestry called humanity. A tapestry that arises from the eternal weaving of reality by the (co-)creative forces. As this one fiber we are each immersed and kept into existence by an all inclusive Presence. We are – obviously – a part of all that is and the creative Source endows us with consciousness so we can become aware of who we are and become aware of a part, a singular reflection, of all that is. As a human individual we represent one single perspective on reality in a tapestry of more then 7.5 billion singular perspectives. Many perspectives are partially reassembling one an another which creates collective
perspectives on reality, yet every single perspective is
forever a unique, original perspective. By being aware of reality, each of us reflects her/his own inner experience back to Source, Who is aware with us. Through these bilions of singular awarenesses all that is can know Itself through billions of perspectives, each perspective living a unique experience of all that is.

As a single fiber in the immense tapestry of boundless weaving reality, all that is endows us with the creative potency of one single fiber, being its own unique thread in the larger whole, with its own specific color, length, texture and thickness. All that the fiber has to do to fulfill its role in the tapestry is being itself. By being itself the fiber automatically interlaces with the necessary surrounding fibers, doing its part of holding the structure together, shining its own specific color into the universe, representing its local fragment of the larger design of the tapestry. Perhaps shining the same or similar color as some neighboring fibers, perhaps shining a very different and contrasting color compared to some other neighboring fibers. It wouldn’t make sense if all the fibers would try to match the color of all the other fibers. The tapestry would end up having just one color. Its design would be vanished.  The variety of different colors would be wiped out, patterns and forms would be extinct. The aliveness, beauty and meaning of the tapestry would have died out. So in parallel, when a human being overlooks her/his unique, original, true Self, it seems as much a personal misfortune to me as it deprives humanity of a precious attribute.

In order for the larger tapestry to gain its full elegance and meaning, it is essential that each single fiber stays absolutely faithful to its unique qualities and true color. So by comparison we bring our most valuable contribution to humanity when we stay completely faithful to our authentic Core Being. This authentic Self inside is inherently composed of the optimal color, the optimal strength, shape and size, that we are meant to become and be.

I use the metaphor of the fiber and the tapestry to illustrate the philosophy behind the Integral Presence Process. The purpose of this process is to find your way back to your Core Being and then to live authentically from that place. This way you become completely, wholly and exactly your true Self, you occupy automatically your own meaningful place in the present day humanity on this planet in this universe and you live your life to the fullest.

Jan Janssen – January 25th 2017.

Immersion November 9th 2016

During the immersion today we

  • explored the basic definition of mindfulness
  • practiced one-pointed focus
  • practiced thought-watching
  • initiated hara awareness.

We touched a bit on the concepts of

  • personality structure,
  • driving forces,
  • the Neutral Observer,
  • transcending thoughts, and
  • the mechanisms of thought/emotion/experience.